• Evexia is the first Day Surgery Hospital & Clinic to be established in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • Located in Salmaniya, we aim to provide convenient and quality healthcare services to our patients.

  • As a Day Surgery Hospital, Evexia adopts the “23-hour day” – no overnight stay policy. This means that our patients are admitted for investigation and/or operation on a planned non-resident basis, and upon completion of the procedure, shall go home within the same day. ​


  • Our state-of-the-art technology & innovative medical techniques ensures that patients of complex surgeries are discharged safely without any complications. 



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Why Choose Evexia Day

Surgery Hospital?

Less Stress, Faster Recovery
State-of-the-Art Facilities & Technology
Increased Safety & Protection
Cost Effective

Many days of hospitalization often pose the risk of exposure to infections. At our Day Surgery, the risk of cross-infection is greatly reduced, simply because day surgery patients are separated from sicker patients, spend less time in hospital & recover in their own homes. Also, incidence of post-operative wound infection in day surgery patients is generally very low.

Our Day Surgery is proven to be less stressful for our patients, particularly children, who are separated from their parents for only a short period of time. Day surgeries are also suitable for the elderly, who are prone to feeling anxious & disoriented when removed from their familiar home environment, for a long period of time. Less stress leads to quick recovery.

Our Day surgery System is cost effective compared with inpatient surgery in other hospitals. This is due to the hospitalization time being reduced, the absence of night/weekend staffing and capital facilities and staff are used more intensively and effectively. This means that our patients have to pay less, even though our quality and standards remains on par with the rest of the hospitals in the region.

Our quality medical equipment and innovative medical techniques  carried out by our experienced doctors make complex same-day surgeries a successful reality. Our medical equipment are from leading medical technology brands such as Richard Wolf, Bioletic & Esaote to name a few.



Our Key Services at a Glance

  • General Surgery​

  • Orthopedic Surgery​

  • Gynecology​

  • Plastic Surgery​

  • ENT​

  • Urology​

  • Gastroenterology​

  • Bariatric Surgery​

  • Ophthalmology​

Day Surgery


Girl at the Pediatrician




  • General Surgery​

  • Orthopedic Surgery​

  • Gynecology​

  • ENT​

  • Urology​

  • Maxillofacial Surgery


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Salmaniya Area,  Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


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