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Dear visitors,


Welcome to

We have made this website to give you a glimpse of a futuristic hospital that is coming up near salmaniya medical complex and be the first of its kind in the kingdom. This hospital is being presented to the people of Bahrain who are looking for excellent surgical outcomes delivered using simple, convenient, and safe systems.

The Beginning of a Modern Day Surgery Era in the Region

Being the first hospital in Bahrain dedicated to one day surgery, we have deployed reliable and sophisticated medical equipment, an efficient IT backbone, and convenient processes to let you feel innovations in modern surgery in a people centered system. We are utilizing this preoperative period to build our team by partnering with the best doctors in the country and build a team of knowledgeable, intelligent, smart working, compassionate, empathetic support staff.

The first day surgery was reported in 1909 in the British Medical Journal where the success of 8,988 cases was documented. Since then this has grown and some interesting figures are: From 1985 to 1994 the percentage of elective surgery undertaken on a day basis in the USA increased from 34% to 61%; In the UK from 1989 to 2003 from 15% to 70%. In Andalucia, Spain there was a six and a half times increase in the number of day case procedures between 1993 and 2003; In Denmark, the day case rates have increased from 41% in 1994 to 79% in 2005. The growth in day surgery has been facilitated by developments in surgery (e.g. less invasive procedures), anaesthesia (e.g. the laryngeal mask, propofol, new halogenated gases) and analgesia (e.g. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).


Day surgery has many advantages for patients and their families, other hospitals, team members, insurers, and the healthcare system as a whole. For example, documented evidence shows the recovery following day surgery is quicker than inpatient surgery, allowing patients to return to normal activities, family life, and work sooner. These have been described in detail on this website. 


However, this is not the end. With evolving regulations and innovations, as more and more surgeries move from in-patient setting to day surgery and then to out-patient offices, the Evexia team will also evolve to present you the model that let’s you have surgery with the minimum disruption in your life so that we can see you feel better in the least possible time. This is in line with our vision: To emerge as a chain of pioneer free-standing day surgery centres across the GCC in this decade (2021-30), providing the medical professionals and patients with an efficient and safe alternative to hospitalisation.

The governing board is purpose and value-driven. We believe that focusing on quality, safety, and innovations will help us to achieve the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. The business model is built around lean facilities and processes and thereby making the model sustainable and scalable.


We invite you to go through this website and send us your ideas to help us implement this approach in a planned and productive manner. I will be happy to address your queries. Also, skilled and experienced professionals are invited to apply to join our team. While independence in execution will make working with us very satisfying, the experienced management team will give you good workflows, structures, and processes that will help you deliver and feel enthusiastic. Management experts call this style of collaborative working as the best since it helps to engage the entire team towards a shared vision.


More details will be available as we approach the date of commissioning the hospital. 


We wish well-being (Evexia) to all of you.


Warm regards,


Abhik Roy, CPHQ®


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